Next 125 - NX902 Glass Gloss Crystal Grey Detail

Next Wood

“Wood fronts are natural and sustainable surfaces made from solid wood and precious veneers. They are coated with a particularly high-resistance two-component lacquer for protection.”

NX No.: 620 640 650 660 670

Details: “NX640 Elegant Oak Pearl Grey tall unit with a retractable door conceals the kitchen andt also provides an eye-catching architectural feature within the room.”

Details: New for 2022! NX670 Natural Walnut

Details: NX650 Old Oak

Details: NX650 Larch Smoked, Brushed

Details: NX620 Natural Walnut

Details: NX640 Elegant Oak Graphite Grey

Details: NX660 Elegant Natural Oak with English pull-out drawers

Details: Bank of tall cabinets hiding units behind. Retractable door hiding an ergonomically raised appliance. TIP-ON mechanical opening system.

Available Colours and Finishes