Next 125 Design Concept



 125 Grid System

The Next125 design concept is based on an architectural feature: the metric grid size. The kitchen grid height of 125 mm therefore lends its name to the brand name. Based on this grid size, Next125 has developed two carcase heights – based on the ergonomics of today’s kitchen users.”


Plinth Heights

“The big advantage of the grid system is that it enables flexible kitchen design with customised working heights and the perfect amount of storage space. In conjunction with multiple plinth heights (5 cm, 7.5 cm, 10 cm, 12.5 cm, 15 cm, 17.5 cm) and a variety of worktop thicknesses (1.3 cm, 3.9 cm), the grid also enables the kitchen to be optimally tailored to ergonomic requirements.”

Carcase Height 75cm

Next125 developed the carcase height of 75 cm based on the ergonomics of modern kitchen users. Based on a grid height of 125 mm, the carcase height is created from six grid units. This means 6 x 125 mm = 75.0 cm, thus providing more opportunities for individual kitchen planning.

Carcase Height 87.5cm

In combination with a low plinth, the carcase height 87.5 cm not only ensures more design in the kitchen, but also provides more storage space. At just 5 cm high, the plinth remains unobtrusive, rather like a shadow gap, giving the effect that the kitchen appears to float.

Wall Mounted

Elements mounted on the wall, with or without handles, create opportunities for floating designs. Based on the 125 mm grid, with the aim of giving the kitchen as a living area space and weightlessness.

Handle Solutions

Whichever carcase height is selected for the kitchen, Next125 keeps all possibilities open: all handle solutions are available for the carcase heights of 75 and 87.5 cm as well as for the 62.5 and 65.7 cm wall-mounted solutions. Opt for a purist finish with TIP-ON, accentuate the horizontal lines with a full-length grip ledge or choose from the many other handles available.