Next 125 Pocket Door System



To balance practical functionality with beautiful design, the modern kitchen requires innovative and creative solutions. next125’s innovative Pocket Door system allows you to create a multifunctional space that provides stability and shape shifts throughout the day to accommodate much more than just food preparation and cooking.  This subtle disguise makes it easier than ever to keep your kitchen calm and tidy. It creates the perfect blank canvas whether you want to entertain, work, dine or unwind. 

When in a closed position, the doors of the next125 Pocket system become elegant panels forming a minimal and purist interior style. Thanks to high quality engineering, the panels open with a single tap and disappear into the sides of the carcase with a gentle push. The compact construction of the doors creates additional space that can be used as a working or storage area.

It is only when open that this furniture truly begins to reveal its power. Depending on individual requirements, the Pocket system can be tailored to provide easy access to frequently used items, and maximum storage space for everything else. Whether you need space for electronic appliances or ergonomic pull-outs, no centimetre remains unused. Pull-outs, shelves and recess panels create optimised and functional storage space to ensure that beautiful design is reflected in the interior as well as the exterior of your kitchen furniture.


The pocket system combines compact functionality and a homely effect with unrestricted cooking enjoyment. Even in small spaces or offices. With the next125 Cube recess panel system kitchen appliances and storage space can be perfectly concealed behind retractable doors.The nice thing about the pocket system – you decide how best to fit it out. The interior can be designed to create colour contrasts with the exterior. You want an understated exterior understated and a colourful interior? Why not? 

Drinks Cabinet

With two filigree frame recess shelves made of anodised, onyx black aluminium, a matt velvet lacquered support panel shelf and aluminium wall shelves of the same colour with dimmable lighting, the recess is transformed into an elegant home bar. The mirrored back panel showcases precious objects, providing a sense of depth and just the right amount of grandeur.

Home Office

Company or home office? Work or leisure? Why not both? With the next125 pocket system you can do that any time. When opened up, the unit takes the shape of a compact office. When closed, it’s a haven of tranquillity that’s pleasing to the eye.