Next 125 Cube System


Everything in its place: Cube adds new space to the principle of order – as an expression of consummate aesthetics. The motto of the modular cube elements is ordered, enclosed, tidy. A fascinating system that has won several awards since 2009.

Everything in sight: Bowls for spices, kitchen roll dispenser, knife block and electrical outlet box. The special trick? Everything is suspended – there’s nothing on the worktop.

What’s nicer than cooking with fresh herbs! The panel garden with integrated lighting ensures that herbs stay fresh longer – particularly practical in darker areas of the kitchen. The lighting is controlled by a timer that dispenses light for 14 hours and then switches it off for 10 hours. The result is fresh herbs, always ready to hand. And you save yourself a trip to the market too. And if your herbs are already getting enough daylight, the panel garden is also available without lighting.