Next 125 - NX902 Glass Gloss Crystal Grey Detail

Next Real Glass

“High gloss or satinated fronts of 3 mm thick toughened white glass. Rear side fully lacquered and with a 16 mm thick wood-based material panel affixed. The glass edge is protected with an all-round decorative edge covering. The light reflects and refracts in the high-quality surface, with impressive effects.”

NX No.: 901 911 902 912

Details: “Handleless, floor-to-ceiling agate grey tall units offer plenty of space and also the interior equipment is optimally tailored to cooking. Appliances integrated at height, such as a refrigerator that opens when pressed or a hand-height dishwasher that responds to knocking, are not gimmicks, they create a tranquil, handleless look.”

Details: “No handles, no grip ledges, everything simply reduced to the bare essentials in glass matt bronze metallic. Not only a pleasure to look at but also to feel, as you run your fingers over the matt surface to let pull-outs open and close with a gentle push.”

Details: “Electrical appliances and their accessories disappear behind retractable doors and the kitchen immediately looks perfect again.

The retractable extractor fan sits under the wall unit and disappears again after use.

Internal carcase finish in lava black.”


Available Colours and Finishes