Next 125 - NX902 Glass Gloss Crystal Grey Detail

Next Ceramic

“Ceramic is ideal for kitchens: foods can be hygienically processed directly on the surface. Furthermore, the material is resistant to cutting and heat. Used for worktops for many years, the next logical step is ceramic kitchen fronts. As with porcelain, this natural, man-made material only contains substances which also occur naturally in this form. This means that the material is environmentally sound and can be fully recycled.”

NX No.: 950 960

Details: NX960 Ceramic Marble Nero Effect and NX620 Natural Walnut combined with a Systemo worktop in Natural Walnut.

Details: “NX950 Ceramic Marble Grigio Effect. The fine veining of the marble decor creates exciting reflections; at the same time, the consistent design of the kitchen block and the recess creates visual calm – supported by the the renunciation of handles and the flush-mounted integration of the black coloured tall units in easy-to-clean Fenix.”

 Details: “Innovative drawer interior organisers in moulded nonwoven material. Wall-mounted cubes – the next125 panel garden for fresh herbs with daylight illumination. Integrated, timer-controlled lighting also makes them suitable for darker-type places.”


Available Colours and Finishes