Next 125 Interior Design



“The kitchen has long since left the confines of its four walls and become not only a workplace but also the centre of communication in the home. In the open concept of a modern kitchen, family and friends become part of the proceedings. Food is prepared together or under the eyes of those seated at the dining table; openings leading into the living room transform functional areas into living areas.”


Table & Bench: “The next125 table and bench creates a smooth transition between kitchen and living space.”

Cooking Table: “With a worktop made of either ceramic, quartz stone or laminate, the table becomes a place that makes food preparation fun, and it doesn’t, despite the added functionality and engineering, lose any of its homely appeal – regardless of the type of wood chosen, be it fir, knotty oak, larch or walnut. Last but not least, the cooking table is completed by a base cabinet whose wood panelling and interior can be individually adapted and configured.”

Sideboard: “Clear, pure, aesthetic and yet featuring many loving details. For example the lowered tray as a tableau, the push-in shelf or the open shelf base unit with pull-outs. Our sideboards are also available with a fully closed front – offered in 3 heights and 4 widths. A choice of satin lacquer, matt velvet lacquer, laminate Fenix and veneer finishes is available.”

Glass Open Shelf Unit: “A freestanding, subtle frame in onyx black combined with tinted front panes with elegant legs or can sit on a plinth and be integrated into a row of tall units.”

Trolley: “The trolley offers a surprising amount of storage space and yet it is still compact enough to comfortably fit under the cooking table if required. Flexibility is provided by four finely crafted castors, even suitable for parquet flooring. With an elegant and subtle colour scheme of onyx black and natural oak, the trolley blends perfectly into any interior.”

Support Panel Shelf Unit: “The use of support panel open shelf units opens up a wealth of options, providing easy access to the most frequently used cooking utensils, the integration of a complete library or simply as a decorative feature.”

New in 2022

Wardrobe: “The spacious wardrobe unit is the ideal solution for neatly storing the widest range of items. It also offers a clear design statement. The unit provides the perfect compartments for all those things you don’t always want on view. From shoes, coats and jackets to cleaning products or items for the recycling. The illuminated recess in a contrasting colour softens the geometry and acts as a practical shelf.”