Next 125 - NX902 Glass Gloss Crystal Grey Detail

Next Solid Core

“SensiQ solid core is pressed from several layers of solid in order to obtain a 4 mm thick. The contemporary, warm and velvety design invites the user to touch it and to feel comfortable. Thanks to the special anti-fingerprint coating AFP, annoying fingerprints are considerably reduced.”

NX No.: 860 870 930 940

Details: NX870 SensiQ Mocha Brown Fine Matt. “The selective use of the innovative SensiQ laminate material in mocha brown with its easy-care anti fingerprint finish and ceramic elements for recess and worktop reinforce the homely character. The front deliberately finished in natural walnut and the omission of handles made possible by integrated Tip-On, exudes a particular serenity.”


Details: NX870 SensiQ Onyx Black Fine Matt. “The centrally placed next125 cooking table captivates through the combination of the velvety-black coloured surface material NX870 SensiQ with Anti-Fingerprint-coating and the striking front NX650 Larch smoked, brushed.”

Available Colours and Finishes