Schuller Kitchens - Siena



Once you have had a pantry, you will never want to be without. It discretely keeps your food, utensils and supplies in the background without affecting the homely appearance of your kitchen. Clever solutions offer a clear overview and allow you to use every centimetre of available space. And the great thing about it – the pantry doesn’t need to be hidden away! Open shelves make it easy to see all the contents at a glance and neatly store preserves, non-perishable food and a plethora of kitchen gadgets.

Pull-outs crates allow you to store fruits and vegetables in a practical and stylish manner. Thanks to their authentic and natural look, the pull-outs made from oak are at the same time a beautiful design element in the kitchen and give the homogenous design of the fronts a lighter look. Cross dividers, made from solid wood, are perfect in order to store bottles to create your own wine rack.